AUGUST 18 - 20, 2020 | 11 am - 5 pm CT


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Technology is at the center of your success

Serving your borrowers during this unprecedented time requires innovation and creativity. Many of you are using your origination platforms in new ways or incorporating completely new fintech to maximize efficiencies. Now is the time to connect with Calyx software specialists for training and support. 

This won't be your typical webinar style conference. It will be packed with equal parts productivity, inspiration, and education. You'll also have an opportunity to chat with lenders, integrated partners, and other industry experts. 

  • Register to see the new URLA and prepare for the required changes.

  • There will be games and prizes throughout!

  • Your favorite wholesale lenders will participate in an informative panel discussion.

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Vision Speakers & Hosts

Josh Linkner, Keynote Speaker

Josh Linkner

Keynote Speaker - Big Little Breakthroughs


Keith Bilodeau-Freedom-Mortgage

Keith Bilodeau

SVP Wholesale Lending - Freedom Mortgage


Kristopher Martin at Oaktree Funding

Kristopher Martin

EVP Capital Markets - Oaktree Funding


David Schroeder-Caliber-Home-Laons

David Schroeder

EVP Third Party Originations - Caliber Home Loans


Jeff Leinan

Jeff Leinan

Executive Vice President - Plaza Home Mortgage


Steve Grady at UnifyCRM

Steve Grady

Chief Marketing Officer - UnifyCRM


Denise Rivoal at Fannie-Mae

Denise Rivoal

Sr Project Manager - Fannie Mae


Colleen Flaxington at Freddie Mac

Colleen Flaxington

Project Mgt Sr Business Lead - Freddie Mac


Vince Wilson at IDS

Vince Wilson

In-House Counsel - IDS


Earl McLain, Director of Training at UnifyCRM

Earl McLain

Director of Training - UnifyCRM


Kevin Bjork, Chief Operating Officer at UnifyCRM

Kevin Bjork

Chief Operating Officer - UnifyCRM


Drew Jackson, Speaker Content Creator

Drew Jackson

Speaker and YouTube Content Creator


Patrice Power, Marketing Director at Calyx

Patrice Power

Marketing Director & Master of Ceremonies - Calyx


Sherry Patterson, Sr Manager of PSG at Calyx

Sherry Patterson

Sr Manager of PSG - Calyx Path


Ryan Schnurr, PSG Support at Calyx

Ryan Schnurr

PSG/Customer Support Manager - Calyx


Monica Danh, Path Professional Services Supervisor

Monica Danh

PSG Supervisor - Calyx Path


Landon Williams, Professional Services Supervisor

Landon Williams

Professional Services Supervisor - Calyx


Vision 2020 at a Glance

Day 1: August 18

Keynote Session: Big Little Breakthroughs - Presented by Josh Linkner & Sponsored by Unisource National Lending Services.

Josh Linker, Keynote Speaker

Virtual Registration Open
Keynote: Josh Linkner Sponsored by Unisource National Lending Services
Live Chat with Vendors and Lenders - Interaction Hub
Point: Time is Money: Simplify Processes with Templates
Product Spotlight: Take Flight with Path: Enterprise LOS in the Cloud
Path: The Fine Details for Initial Disclosures
Product Spotlight: Let’s Talk Automated Portfolio Underwriting
Industry Session: A Chat with the Experts: Fannie Mae® and Freddie Mac® Discuss the New URLA, Sponsored by IDS
Point: Special Mortgages for Unique Needs: Originating Specialty Loans
Point: Disclose Confidently: Mastering Fees in Point
Zenly Training: Administrator Training
Path Training: Processing Essentials
Live Chat with Vendors and Lenders - Interaction Hub
Vision Virtual User Conference, Agenda Day 2

Day 2: August 19

General Session: Wholesale Lender Panel - Lending in the Pandemic
General Session: Wholesale Lender Panel. Lending in the Pandemic
Live Chat with Vendors and Lenders - Interaction Hub
Point Training: Working with Borrowers Digitally
Path Training: Contact-Free Document Management
Product Spotlight: PointCentral. Everything You Love About Point and MORE
Product Spotlight: Introducing Zenly, the Easy-to-Use Cloud-Based Origination Platform
PointCentral Training: Administrators’ Feature Overview
Industry Session: The POWER Strategies That Achieve Your Next Level Business Growth, Sponsored by Unify CRM
Path Training: Set the Foundation
PointCentral Training: Business Rules for Administrators
Industry Session: How to Stay Sane in an Insane World. Sponsored by Plaza Home Mortgage
Path Training: Unique Needs, Unique Solutions
Interaction Hub Open – Live Chat with Vendors and Lenders

Day 3: August 20

Prizes, Announcements and More!
Vision Virtual User Conference, Agenda Day3
Prizes, Announcements and More!
Product Spotlight: Zip, Mobile-Friendly Technology for a Remote World
Interaction Hub Open – Live Chat with Vendors and Lenders
Point Training: See the New URLA in Point
Path Training: Generate Reports in a Flash
Point Training: How to Customize Point for Enhanced Data Collection
Path Training: See the New URLA in Path
Zenly Training: User Training + the New URLA
Point Training: Quick Resolutions for Common Error Messages
Point Training: Contact-Free Document Management

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