AUGUST 18 - 20, 2020 | 11 am - 5 pm CT


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Vision 2020 Full Agenda

Agenda sessions are listed in Central time and subject to change.


Big Little Breakthroughs
How small, everyday innovations drive oversized results. Sponsored by Unisource National Lending Services

Josh LinknerNew York Times Bestseller, Entrepreneur, Investor, Innovation Expert & Consultant.

Josh’s inspiring keynote will explore the power of inventive thinking and creative problem solving in day-to-day situations. You will get a fresh perspective and practical tools & techniques that can be implemented at all levels to tackle tough challenges and seize bold opportunities.

Josh-Linkner, Keynote Speaker at Vision 2020


Hear his special video message to all Vision 2020 attendees.

General Session

Wholesale Lending Panel – Lending in the Pandemic

Join leading wholesale lenders – Plaza Home Mortgage, Freedom Mortgage, OakTree, & Caliber Home Loans - for an informative discussion on the current state of lending.

Some of the topics that they will cover include:

    • Current lending trends and opportunities for brokers
    • Best practices for brokers when working with wholesale lenders
    • How wholesale lenders are making it easier for brokers by digitizing and automating processes
    • The return of non-agency and non-QM lending

Industry Sessions

A Chat with the Experts: Fannie and Freddie Discuss the New URLA, Sponsored by IDS

The new Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA) is coming soon. Proper preparation can simplify the transition and increase efficiencies. Join Denise Rivoal, Senior Project Manager at Fannie Mae, Leslie “Colleen” Flaxington, Project Mgt Senior Business Lead at Freddie Mac, and Vince Wilson, In-House Counsel at IDS for a candid discussion about the upcoming changes.

Power Strategies That Achieve Your Next Level Business Growth,Sponsored by Unify

It is vital that you put in place the techniques, training and tools that will accelerate your business growth year-over-year. Join Unify’s Director of Training, Earl McLain; Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Bjork and Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Grady as they highlight the 5 Key Business Growth Areas and discuss the Power Strategies that will drive your success.

How to Stay Sane in an Insane World, Sponsored by Plaza Home Mortgage

Maintaining balance is one of the key components to a happy and successful life. But how do you sustain a healthy work-to-life balance in a refinance boom? That’s the topic that Jeff Leinan, EVP of National Wholesale Production for Plaza Home Mortgage, will explore with Drew Jackson, recognized speaker and YouTube content creator. Jackson will cover his 10 tips to stay balanced even during demanding times. This fireside chat will provide attendees clear action steps to elevate their performance, stay organized and productive, while simultaneously improving their lives.

Product Spotlights

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Risk: Automated Portfolio Underwriting

Portfolio Underwriter takes the guess work out of the best recommendation for your customer without taking on more risk. Prequalify portfolio loans based upon your specific program guidelines, while mitigating Fair Lending risk. See how Portfolio Underwriter helps you:

    • Safely and easily communicate underwriting criteria for new niche products
    • Conduct extensive loan file data checks and in-depth credit report reviews in seconds
    • Manage exceptions based on valid compensating factors on the loan, rather than loan officer "discretion"
    • Ensure consistent, transparent credit policy application to demonstrate Fair Lending and improve efficiency

Take Flight with Path: Enterprise LOS in the Cloud

Check out Path, our intuitive, cloud-based LOS engineered for mid-tier to large, enterprise-level financial institutions and mortgage bankers. Simplify loan processes while the control and flexibility you need.

PointCentral Overview: Everything You Love About Point and MORE

Continuing to serve your borrowers requires a contact-free origination experience. Adjusting your business strategy to include easy-to-use, mobile-friendly technology is key. Join the session to learn:

    • The features and benefits of using the Calyx point-of-sale, Zip
    • How PointCentral can be leveraged in this remote world
    • The value of Calyx Wholesaler MarketPlace
    • The features and benefits of our e-sign tool, INK-it

Introducing Zenly, the Easy-to-Use Cloud-Based Origination Platform

Designed for the savvy mortgage broker, Zenly offers the tools you need for a contact-free origination experience. When your borrowers call, rise to the occasion with Zenly.

    • Have a mobile friendly Point-of-Sale
    • Capture documents with the click of a phone camera
    • The value of Calyx Wholesaler MarketPlace
    • Source Verification of Assets/ Bank Statements at the point of application

Zip, Mobile-Friendly Technology for a Remote World

Do you want to capture borrowers as soon as they decide to apply for a home loan? Conveniently accessible via your personalized URL, Zip enables borrowers to quickly complete a Q&A-style borrower interview without any confusing forms.

With Zip you will:

    • Capture more leads
    • Process more loans
    • Manage multiple accounts with ease
    • Decrease time to close

Calyx Product Training

Point and PointCentral

Time is Money: Simplify Processes with Templates

Imagine having standard fees and structures in place at the beginning of the process! Reduce time spent entering repetitive data, decrease the possibility of errors, and gain control by implementing templates. Learn how to:

    • Create templates for loan programs, closing cost scenarios, and borrower master template for different loan types
    • Assign user access rights to templates
    • Manage multiple accounts with ease
    • Apply templates to new and existing loan files

Special Mortgages for Unique Needs: Originating Specialty Loans

Specialty Loans have unique complexities. Being able to process these loans is essential to a well-rounded program offering. Let us show you key functionality in Point for specialty loans.

Training will cover how to:

    • Add adjustable rates to a payment schedule for ARM loans
    • Apply second mortgage funds to the cash-to-close for Simultaneous Second Mortgages
    • Enter Investment loan and REO properties for Investments Loans
    • Calculate the construction period for Construction and Construction-to-Perm loans
    • Learn HELOC Loan processing tips

Disclose Confidently: Mastering Fees in Point

Inputting fees for the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure can seem complicated. Utilizing best practices will simplify the process enabling you to disclose confidently.

In the session we will:

    • Clarify the Closing Costs Worksheet
    • Demonstrate usage of auto calculations
    • Explain how to make Aggregate Adjustments
    • Show how to reconcile the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure
    • Teach how to generate the Closing Disclosure for buyers and sellers
    • Show how to prepare files for document vendors

Working with Borrowers Digitally

Contact-free loan origination is a must! Let us show you how easy it is to implement digital processes for your borrowers. Borrowers can submit loan data plus securely send and esign documents anywhere, anytime.

Training will cover:

    • Securely request and store documents
    • Simple, fast esign process
    • Admin functionality for Zip (point-of-sale) including, company defaults, user management, and reporting

PointCentral Administrators’ Feature Overview

Calling all PointCentral Administrators and Account Owners! Explore functionality that enables proper workflows, user access rights, compliance management, shared templates, centralized data and document management, and real-time reporting for effective oversight. Keep your business moving from any location with PointCentral. Let us show you how.

PointCentral Business Rules for Administrators

Use PointCentral business rules to streamline the origination process and enforce compliance. Set business rules at the individual or group level to increase compliance and ensure better, more complete files. As the PointCentral Administrator, you can define parameters, allow hard and soft stops, and set custom messages.

Join the session to learn:

    • Purpose and types of business rules
    • Best practices when setting up rules
    • Basic rule creation to sophisticated, multi-level rules

See the New URLA in Point

The new URLA effective date is coming quickly. You need information to start testing, update processes and train your staff. Join this critical session covering updates in Point made specifically to meet the new requirements.

How to Customize Point for Enhanced Data Collection

Did you know you can have new, customized screens in Point? You can actually add new fields to capture additional data in your loan files. This data can be auto populated into documents, added to reports, and even used for marketing initiatives.

This session will cover:

    • Steps to build custom screens and fields inside Point
    • How to add custom, branded documents to Point
    • Adding data from custom fields to reports

Quick Resolutions for Common Error Messages

Knowing how to resolve common errors quickly can mean the difference between a productive day and lost time. Our technical team complied the most common errors. This session will train you on fast resolutions (Make sure you have at least one enabled data folder).

Common messages covered in this session:

    • PDS -21, incorrect user ID and password
    • PDS -17, invalid security key
    • Your Point Administrator has removed your access to Point
    • Printer not activated. Error code -30

Contact-Free Document Management

Securely request, receive, and store documents inside the appropriate Point file. The document management feature in Point simplifies processes and is essential for contact-free origination.

Learn how to:

    • Request and compile borrower documents
    • Efficiently manage submission forms, lock requests, underwriting conditions, approvals, suspensions, and denials
    • Communicate conditions
    • Send documents to the loan originator, processor, and borrower


The Fine Details for Initial Disclosures

Access the information you need to disclose confidently. Using best practices in Path simplifies the process. Let us show you how.

Join the session to learn how to:

    • Use fee templates
    • Disclose the Loan Estimate
    • Follow an effective Change of Circumstance process
    • Run Freddie Mac Loan Prospect Advisor (LPA) inside Path
    • Tips for LPA required fields

Processing Essentials

Calling all operations professionals! Learn fundamentals in Path to increase your proficiency in completing key origination tasks.

Learn how to:

    • Calculate Housing Expense and transfer to Prepaids
    • Create VOE, VOM, VOR documentation
    • Link subordinate loans
    • Link REOs to Liabilities
    • Clarify Cash-to-Close and Debt-to-Income Ratio Calculations

Contact-Free Document Management

Securely request, receive, and store documents inside the appropriate loan file. The document management feature in Path simplifies processes and is essential for contact-free origination.

Learn how to:

    • Request and compile borrower documents
    • Send documents to the loan originator, processor, and borrower
    • Add, organize and stack documents

Set the Foundation

Proper templates increase accuracy, reduce turn times and simplify procedures. Creating templates is one of the most important steps to your organization up to run like a well-oiled machine.

Learn how to create templates for:

    • Standard Conditions
    • Document Request
    • New loan files by program type
    • Fees by loan program
    • Dashboards

Unique Needs, Unique Solutions

Path is designed with the flexibility required to meet unique business demands. Create tailor-made screens and branded documents to input and populate data as you see fit. Streamline processes and enforce compliance with Business Rules and Agile ComplianceTM. Together these features ensure better, more complete files.

This session teaches you how to:

    • Create Business Rules with Notifications
    • Color Code the Agile Compliance Report
    • Create custom screens
    • Add custom, branded documents

Generate Reports in a Flash

Reporting is paramount to having a compliant, well-run organization. Learn how to generate key reports with real-time data. Together these features ensure better, more complete files.

Learn how to:

    • Generate ULDD/UCD Reports
    • Run HMDA Reports
    • Produce standard reports including pipeline, audit and duration reports

See the New URLA in Path

The new URLA effective date is coming quickly. You need information to start testing, update processes and train your staff. Join this critical session covering updates in Path made specifically to meet the new requirements.


Zenly Administrator Training

Hey Zenly Admins, want to know how to optimize your new, cloud-based Loan Origination Software? Let us show you how to set up templates for fees and documents, create unique dropdown list, add new users, manage access rights, and create a Zip template that showcases your company’s brand.

Zenly User Training + The New URLA

New Loan Origination Software? Let’s get you up to speed. Spend an hour with our trainer to become a highly proficient user.

Training will cover:

    • New URLA
    • Customize your Zip landing page
    • Notifications
    • Generate and request documents
    • Run and import credit
    • Assign access to loan files
    • Use Calyx Wholesaler MarketPlace to submit files to Lenders
    • And more!

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