Path: When Reliable Technology Matters

Path is the industry’s intuitive cloud-based LOS engineered for enterprise-level organizations, like yours.

With device independence, Path allows you to connect anytime, anywhere from any web-connected device.

What else makes Path different?

  • Fully configurable workflows, roles, and organizational structure
  • Flexible reporting and easy-to-use borrower engagement tools to match your organizational needs or growth
  • Data housed in a separate cloud database, not mixed with other customers, for better data security
  • Compliance controls and automation including alerts, audit trails, fee history tracking, and more!

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“Path has been incredible. The web-based platform allows us to work remotely as if we were in the office.”

Mortgage Operations Manager - Credit Union

“We have had to move all our backroom minus 1 to work from home. We have had zero interruptions ... in business and we are still able to protect our employees and customers.”

Director of Mortgage - A Community Bank

“Now that most of us are working from home, our team is sure glad that we implemented Zip early last year.  Our LO’s can continue to take in new applications without risking their safety and health, as well as that of our borrowers.”

Loan Origination Systems Manager - A Community Bank

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