Finally, a cloud-based LOS pre-configured or fully configurable for financial institutions or mortgage bankers, with NO hidden fees!

Path by Calyx, is the industry's intuitive LOS engineered for enterprise-level organizations, like yours.


Path simplifies the loan process while still providing the controls and flexibility you need to run your business your way.

Enjoy all of this as well as the peace of mind of knowing that with Path you will not experience unexpected LOS expenses. We outline our pricing structure upfront so you know what to expect.

What else makes Path different?

  • Fully configurable workflows, roles, and organizational structure
  • Flexible reporting and easy-to-use borrower engagement tools to match your organizational needs or growth
  • Data housed in a separate cloud database, not mixed with other customers, for better data security
  • Compliance controls and automation including alerts, audit trails, fee history tracking, and more!

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